A Showcase of Some of Our Client Projects

A Showcase of Some of Our Client Projects

At Every Sticker, we take immense pride in the custom stickers we create. Every project is a unique canvas for our clients' creativity and branding needs. In this blog post, we are excited to share a collection of success stories – a showcase of some of our most memorable and impactful past client work. These stories not only highlight the power of custom stickers but also demonstrate our commitment to turning ideas into stunning, tangible reality.

Classic Fun Center - Back to School Bash

Classic Fun Center is a family entertainment and roller skating rink. In preparation for back to school event, they hired us to create some unique custom designs to hand out as gifts to the students. See some examples of custom designs we made for them below! Each of the designs were made with the kids in mind. We wanted designs that would be appeal to both boys and girls alike and that included the company's logo.

We received positive feedback from the location manager and the kiddos alike, and the event was a success!

Brigham Young University - A University's Spirit Captured

We were delighted when a member of BYU's admission team reached out to us looking to have 2,000 stickers made for incoming freshman. Newly admitted students receive a package in the mail before starting school at BYU, and our stickers would get to be a part of that surprise! BYU requested 4 designs, and we printed 500 of each. We designed stickers that would showcase the school's colors and unique symbols of BYU, like the mascot. In the end, we were able to come up with designs that the admission team loved, and hopefully the new students too!

We are so grateful for our clients and their trust in us to make their custom stickers! Custom stickers are more than just pieces of adhesive paper. They are a means of expressing ideas, elevating brands, and adding a personal touch to events. We look forward to the opportunity to add your project to our ever-growing collection of inspiring client work.

Start Your Own Sticker Success Story!
These showcased projects are just a glimpse of what's possible with custom stickers. Your project could be the next success story we proudly share. If you're ready to transform your vision into reality, order your custom stickers today, and let's embark on a creative journey together!

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