The Story of Every Sticker

The Story of Every Sticker

Every Sticker was born in the summer of 2019 as Honey Beeads Co by two sisters, Anabelle and Katelyn. 

We started our business making handmade products out of our house. We had no idea what we were doing, but loved coming up with new products and we both had entrepreneurial spirits. We just started the business as a passion project, originally we sold jewelry and scrunchies (hence the name, Honey Beeads.) 

This was our first instagram account, where we started advertising.


After jewelry we started exploring designing stickers. This was one of our very first sticker designs:


We worked hard to get the word out about our products—and it paid off! Within just a few months, and some of our videos of our stickers went viral Tiktok, we had grown so quickly that we couldn't keep up with the demand for stickers. We had to dedicate an entire part of our house to running the business alone. We were really lucky to have each other to support and help when we had long nights making stickers. It seemed like our world flipped upside down overnight when we got 500 orders in one day!

And then...we hit a wall. It turns out that once your product is successful, it's really hard to keep growing when your inventory is limited by what you can make at home or store in your office. So after some deliberation, we decided that it was time for us to take our company back down a notch. We took a break from making stickers and dedicated some time to researching how to best grow our business and rebrand.


We are now restarting and have since rebranded in November of 2022 to "Every Sticker" with a new focus on quality over quantity, bringing even more designs to our shop—and on making sure that all of our customers get the best possible service!

Since then, we've had so many exciting experiences: meeting new people around the world through stickers and spreading joy through our products. It's truly been an incredible ride- and we can't wait to continue growing our little sticker shop!

The story of our business has been one of growth, mistakes, and learning. We are so grateful for those who have supported us and continue to do so. We love doing what we do and seeing others follow their dreams at start their own businesses too! We are inspired by other small business owners as well. Thanks for reading about our story, we hope it inspires you too!


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